Bongo Facts

So what is a Bongo?

mazda badge

The Mazda Bongo (also badged as a Ford Freda) is a pre-owned people carrier manufactured for the Japanese home market. Benefiting from the amazing electric elevating roof and being right hand drive, we import only the finest models and manufacture a unique range of conversions designed exclusively for the Mazda Bongo.

The elevating roof opens automatically at the touch of a button and gives you a choice of functions. The inner platform can be pushed upwards allowing maximum headroom whilst still leaving useful storage space. With the platform down an additional upper sleeping area is created, accommodating two further adults.

Bongo Facts

Length 4.58m (15')
Width 1.69m (5'6")
Height 2.09m (6'10")
Gross Vehicle Weight 2260 kg
Engine sizes 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 2.5 V6 Petrol & 2.0 petrol
Tow weight 1600 kg
Max payload weight 560 kg
Berth 4
Blinds/screens Electric blinds to side windows & optional screens to cab & tailgate
Additional equipment Cab and rear air conditioners, automatic transmission, electric elevating roof, radio/cassette, power steering, electric mirrors, right hand drive, folding leg table.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly LPG Autogas conversion available on all petrol models!

Passenger Safety

The safety of your loved ones should never be compromised. For that reason we always retain the original rear seat and utilise its fully crash tested factory fitted seat belts & mounting points on all forward facing seats. On all forward facing seats there are two 3 point diagonal seat belts plus a lap belt in the middle, and so up to 5 people can be carried in comfort. Child seats & booster seats can still be fitted with ease in all forward facing seat conversions.

Mazda’s reputation for reliability is legendary and all parts are readily available.

Higher Standard

To encourage domestic sales most automobile models undergo a complete model change every few years, with slight front and grille changes every one or two. Generally, the condition of Japanese cars is far better than that of our European counterparts due to the driving environment, thus avoiding corrosion problems. Take a look at any of our imported vehicles engine compartments, and what you see speaks for itself. They are amazing!

Japanese imports have a higher specification than their European equivalents, for example air conditioning and power steering are standard on all cars. Indeed, the Japanese expect as standard many of the options that we have to pay extra for when buying European cars.

Japanese car companies actively encourage customers to return their old cars in part-exchange.


Another reason for the superior condition of Japanese imported vehicles is the mandatory 'Shaken' (warranty of fitness) test that all Japanese cars must undergo. This test is far more detailed than any European inspection. The Shaken that comes with a new car in Japan is valid for three years, but must be renewed on a biannual basis. This rule is strictly enforced and the massive cost of renewing the Shaken, compared to low new car prices is a huge incentive to Japanese drivers to trade their cars in.

Consumers in Japan are required to provide proof of parking space for every vehicle when registering new and used cars. This is compulsory and scrupulously controlled to the extent that in most areas police will physically measure the parking space to ensure it is approprately sized for the intended vehicle.

It is this steep depreciation which makes used cars in Japan economical enough to be viable for export throughout the world of right hand drive countries.

Radio Problems?

Japanese radios are designed to receive from 76MHz to 90MHz only and we have very few broadcasts in that range. 'Band Spreaders' are the simple answer to tune into a wider choice of national and local stations. They give a simple shift in frequencies so the radio will receive 86MHz to 108MHz. Alternatively, we offer a range of UK spec radio/cd players and DAB radios or we can fit your own equipment for a small charge.

Lets Face It!

All Japanese speedometers are calibrated in kilometres per hour. It is a legal requirement in the UK for the speed to be shown in miles per hour. We offer a comprehensive range of quality conversion faces (these are not stickers) that show dual calibration. They match the original colour and finish and illuminate at night. These plates will of course not change the odometer, that will still record the distance travelled in kilometres.

Service Solutions at Imperial-Direct

Every aspect of serving imports can be carried out at our Poole depot. From basic speedo plate and band spreader fixing to complete engine rebuilds. If we can't fix it...'We Know A Man Who Can'.

Service schedules can begin here with all belt changes and full services at highly competitive rates.


Getting cover for your vehicle is not a problem. Highly competitive premiums are available from many leading insurers. Call us for information.